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***Note: all evacuee's are encouraged to register with the Government Emergency Support Services. For more information visit https://ess.gov.bc.ca/


Updated: August 19, 2023 @ 6:25 PM

Need a temporary place to park RV's, vehicles, or boats...?

  • 8 spots available for parking at Sandy Acres Berry Farm - 2250 40 St SE, Salmon Arm, BC. Please contact Marlene Kemitzis (250.253.3917)
  • 8 spots available at the Salmon Arm Adventist Church - 3270 60 Ave NE, Salmon Arm, BC (Canoe area). Contact us by FB Messenger or Royce Odiyar (250.515.0297). 
  • Approximately 10 spots available for parking at 1509 Salmon River Rd, Salmon Arm, BC (in Silver Creek). Primary contact person Rodney Dueck (250.463.2740); Secondary contact person Royce Odiyar (250.515.0297).

We are asking anyone who parks, in one of the above locations, to attend their items and NOT park and leave—unless they have made arrangements. Additionally: please note—no smoking (based on safety concerns), no hook-ups, limited water may be available. 

***For those needing accommodations or additional information of how we may be able to help please see below. 

AND please let us know your needs or how you are able to help those in need. We will keep this page updated as things progress and let’s keep praying.


Updated: August 19, 2023 @ 8:04 PM

If You Need Help or Know Someone Who Needs Help…

We have received various inquiries and a couple offers to help. At the present time our church/parking lot is available on a case by case basis.

  • Please contact Pastor Royce (250.515.0297) or one of the elders if you or someone you know needs help, a place to stay, etc. and we will open the church or help find the most suitable place for them.

  • Andy & Marlene Kemitzis have also offered their farm for evacuees to park their trailers, etc.

    They also have a trailer where a family of 3-4 could stay (on a first come first serve basis).

    Please contact Marlene if they can be of assistance (250.253.3917).

  • A family on the far side of Sorrento has offered a spare bedroom. They also have a big basement. 

  • One of our church families in Enderby has extra bedrooms and beds for anyone needing a place to stay. 

  • A family in Salmon Arm has a basement suitable for younger families with kids. 

  • A single lady in Enderby is willing to host another single person or couple. 

  • We are also exploring another option where people could park if needed.

Note: if you need help evacuating, please let us know we have some people who are in a position to help (call Royce 250.515.0297). 

Posted: August 19, 2023 @ 8:30 AM

Several have been asking if church is still happening. The answer is, YES! We will proceed with our regular Sabbath school, lesson study, and church service—for those who are able.

We recognize that some will not be able to attend today for various reasons—but for those who want to attend and need to, it is important for us to gather to pray and encourage one another.

Church will look different today as we fill in the gaps of those who cannot attend, but please feel free to come and worship and pray.