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Educational Resources: 

  • (Dec 2020)
    Lifestyle is Medicine Institute
    ...presents: "Should I Get It?"


  • (April 18, 2021)
    Lifestyle is Medicine Institute
    ...presents: "What We Are Not Saying About Covid"
  • (Dec. 18, 2020)
    Focus on the Family: COVID-19 Vaccines, what you need to know



How Can We Honour God AND What Right and Just?


  • Download Ministry Magazine article 
    (Gary Blanchard, December 2020)


  • (Jan. 23, 2021)
    North American Division – PARL question and answer session:
    Current Events & Religious Liberty


  • (Jan. 15, 2021)
    Garrison Hayes — ReCharge:
    What is Truth? Answer: Jesus!



Sermon Resources / Readings: 

Envisioning the New Year Together

(Focus on the Family Article) 


Let's Pause.

(Magnolia Journal Article)