Join us this Sabbath for our first Prayer Walk...

Posted: October 1, 2021

Dear Church Family,

As I mentioned last week, it’s Fall! A time of change. And as a church, we are gearing up for change and I am praying more and more that we will see things fall, not leaves, but walls. Walls of division, walls of pain, and strongholds that keep God’s children in bondage to destructive habits. It’s time to turn things upside down, it’s time to push back the darkness that covers the earth—it’s time to shine (Isaiah 60:1-2)! God is going to do greater things in our church and community—but we have to pray. And we have to pray like never before. And I will be bold and say, we have to pray together. Let’s get together and pray this Sabbath at 5PM. We are introducing a special type of prayer, called prayer walking. Throughout the Fall, we will be learning more about prayer and prayer walking. Join us this Sabbath as we take the first step.

My Hi-5 List...

  1. Prayer Walk, Supper & Family Vespers: October 2nd — What are you doing this Sabbath? Need a walk? Need some prayer? Join Brenda Swanson, Phill Ritchey & Family, and Dari Graham for a great end to your Sabbath.
    1. Prayer Walk – starting at 5PM
    2. Supper & Family Vespers – starting at 6PM (We are asking everyone to bring a little something for a fellowship supper. Suggestions: soup, bread, fruit, popcorn).
      • If you are not sure what prayer walking is download this brief info sheet (click here). If you are not comfortable or don't know enough about prayer walking, that’s fine, come for supper and the family vespers :)
  2. Prayer Meeting Wednesday — Two Locations...
    1. 10:00 AM – Join Maria Aumunn and friends each Wednesday morning for prayer and study of “Patriarchs And Prophets”. Location: Maria’s home - 4060 20 St. NE, Salmon Arm.
    2. 7:00 PM – For those working during the day please join us each Wednesday evening for a special time of prayer and study. Location: Salmon Arm Seventh-day Adventist Church sanctuary.
  3. Lakeside Adventurers/Second Harvest Fall Collection — our Adventurer's need your help in our fall project to collect a variety of items for the Second Harvest Food Bank here in Salmon Arm. There is a table and box out in the foyer of the church where you can drop off your donated items. We will be collecting each Sabbath over the month of October (click here to download a list of items needed). Then, we will take the collected donations to Second Harvest on Thursday, November 4 where the Adventurers will learn and be inspired by all that happens at this special place of outreach. Please join us as we strive to provide and serve our community in this way.
  4. Indigenous Awareness and Reconciliation — we need to educate ourselves about the history of Indigenous people in Canada and how we can be part of the healing that is long overdue.  The course 4 Seasons of Reconciliation has been purchase by the Adventist Church in Canada and is being offered to every church member free of charge. I just started the course this week and so far I have been blessed. You can expect to invest approximately 3 hours of your time, please sign-up and let us know what you think.
    1. 4 Seasons of Reconciliation — Sign up here!
  5. ADRA, ADRA, ADRA!!!!
    1. Appeal for Donations — if you have clothing or other personal items you can part with or purchase, ADRA needs these items immediately. Also, they are looking for construction/repair supplies and materials, along with furniture, appliances, etc. (see flyer for more details).
    2. NOTICE! ADRA still needs Volunteers in Coldstream to help with sorting donations at a distribution warehouse.  Each day, 20 volunteers are needed and must have a criminal record check (for more information contact either Pastor Royce or visit the news section of our website which contains a full explanation).
      • If you are interested and would like to ride with me please let me know and we can coordinate a time that works for you.

Sincerely, Royce Odiyar