It's Time to Move Mountains!

Posted: November 10, 2021

Dear Church Family, 

Your prayers can move mountains! That was the theme of our most recent vespers and Sabbath prayer walk followed by a supper and vespers. I was blessed to participate in the prayer walk and to be able to fellowship. I trust that everyone who participated was blessed as well. During the prayer walk, my prayer partner Sanifer Lennon shared with me that originally she didn’t want to participate because it was so cold and rainy outside but God had different plans and both Sanifer and myself were sincerely blessed by how we saw God in action. 

In the sermon, this past Sabbath, through the story of the Battle of Jericho Pastor Dan Jackson reminded us that when we follow God’s plans and believe His promises—the impossible becomes reality. He went on to say that prayer must be our rallying cry. If we want to see the walls come down, and if we want to move mountains then we must pray. And I would like to suggest that there is something extra special about walking AND praying just like when Israel walked around Jericho. 

Recently, my parents were telling me a story about a gentleman in Kelowna who was dying from COVID-19. The medical professionals could not do anything more for him. This resulted in a group of people driving around the hospital seven times—praying and driving. To make a long story short the man is recovering and God saved his life. What would happen if we claimed the city of Salmon Arm one step at a time? The Bible says we would see, impossible reality. Prayer is the strategy, it’s time to pray like never before. 

If prayer works and if prayer is the strategy, what’s holding us back? Could it be the distraction dilemma like Seth talked about a couple of weeks ago?



A big thanks to Seth Dixon and Pastor Dan Jackson for the messages they presented on prayer and our relationship with God. This week Sharon Nelkenbrecker will be exploring the topic of how to really pray. I look forward to hearing what God puts on Sharon’s heart. If you have missed any of these presentations, please visit our website where you can easily find previous messages (

I will end with two things: 1) our next prayer walk is scheduled for Sabbath November 20th at 3PM. Don’t worry about the cold, the rain, the snow. Dress accordingly and God will stir your soul and warm your heart. Then, 2) I’ve been wanting to share a very encouraging sermon by Alex Bryant, the North American Division president. His message was delivered specially for the Adventist pastors in Canada during a Ministerial Summit hosted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (Pastor Bryant’s sermon starts at 27:45—click here). Please find some time to listen to this sermon, I know you will be blessed as I was. 

God is on the move, let’s join Him in His work and you will see greater and greater things! Yes even you, your prayers will move mountains!


Sincerely, Pastor Royce